Sterling Edwards
Abstract Acrylics
August 15 - 19, 2011
Price $450

Just confirmed with Sterling Edwards! Back by popular demand -- another five-day abstract acrylics workshop. The Sept. 2010 class was one of the most popular we've had. Details will be posted shortly. We will be keeping the same price as last year! We expect to fill up quickly, so get your $150 deposits in soon. For credit card payments, call (910.575.5999) or visit the gallery. Deposits are nonrefundable. Balances will be due by June 1, 2011.

Send your checks to:
Sunset River Marketplace
10283 Beach Drive SW
Calabash, N.C. 28467

Workshop Description

Spend five days with internationally renowned artist Sterling Edwards as he shows his techniques for painting acrylic media abstract paintings on paper and on canvas. Even if you’re new to painting, you’ll find this workshop informative, inspiring, and fun. Just a few of the topics that will be covered in this workshop include:

• Finding inspiration for an abstract painting

• How to stylize and abstract shapes

• Brush techniques including how to use the Sterling Edwards Blending and Glazing Brushes with acrylics

• Creating a balanced composition with a aesthetic mix of positive and negative shapes

• Creating special textures

• How to maximize design with overlapping shapes

• And much more!

See for yourself why Sterling’s workshops are always so popular and inspiring. This class is limited to 15, so don't wait to register.

Abstract Acrylics Workshop Materials List

5 to 10 stretched canvasses ranging in size from 16x20 to 24x36. Sterling uses medium texture canvasses. (Due to space limitations please do not bring any canvases larger than 24x36)

An assortment of acrylic paint. Sterling will be using the following tube colors however it is not necessary that you have these exact colors or brands:

Stephen Quiller Pyrrole Red Medium

Stephen Quiller Mars Black

Matisse Burnt Umber (Structure)

Matisse Australian Sienna (Structure)

Matisse Cobalt Blue (Structure)

Matisse Cadmium Yellow (Medium) (Structure)

Matisse Skin Tone Deep (Structure)

Matisse Southern Ocean Blue (Phthalo Turquoise) (Structure)

Matisse Yellow Light (Hansa) (Structure)

A jar of Golden Titanium White

An assortment of large and medium flat and round bristle brushes. (Sterling uses his signature Sterling Edwards Blending and Glazing Brushes which he designed in addition to a good variety of other bristle brushes. His signature brushes will be available for purchase at the workshop.)

A bottle of fluid medium. (Sterling uses Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish)

Paper towels and tissues (Bring plenty of each)

An apron or old clothing (Yes, it can get messy!)

A cake pan for mixing colors or a pad of disposable paper palettes

Reference photographs (Keep in mind that this is an abstract workshop so bring photos of subjects that have interesting and overlapping shapes.)

Large flat carpenters or drawing pencil (Flat pencils have larger lead and are great for adding calligraphy in your abstracts)