Children's Author, Artist Featured at Gallery's 'Coffee With the Authors' Event Nov. 4

Sunset River Marketplace art gallery will feature children’s author Anne Giordano and dollmaker Stefania Malone at its Coffee With the Authors presentation on Thursday, Nov. 4. They will speak about their creative processes and have samples to discuss with the group.

Anne Giordano, author of “Spencer, the Magic Rabbit,” attended New Haven State Teachers’ College in Conn. and received a Master’s Degree from Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. She taught one summer with the Head Start program and two years in Ohio. Giordano was also an educator with the Prince George’s County Public Schools in Maryland, which included teaching elementary grades, working with staff development, and as a vice principal and principal.

Her inspiration to create Spencer, The Magic Rabbit came from her granddaughter, Kellie, who – at bedtime – would always request that she tell her a story. Anne would then create a story for her. Kellie loved the tale that she told about Spencer and requested it quite often. After many tellings, Anne finally decided to write it down, and that was the creation of "Spencer, The Magic Rabbit."
Giordano and her husband retired to Sunset Beach, N.C. in 1999. She and her husband have four children and seven great-grandchildren.

Dollmaker Stefania Malone is a native of Mass. Since childhood, she has always been driven to draw and create things. With a love of anything handmade, she started crafting dolls to explore her very distinctive interests in similarly direct and indirect ways. Stefania’s enthusiam for bold color, creative writing, textile design, whimsical children’s toys, vintage, and jewelry making all somehow make their way into her dolls.

Malone incorporates many of her life experiences into her doll making. She finds inspiration from treasures she unearths at flea markets, fabric stores, and thrift shops. Her dolls are made from recycled and natural materials, so they are completely earth-friendly. They represent people she has known, seen, or met in her imagination, proving to be the perfect outlet for her creativity. Most importantly, Stefania has given kids a safe toy, a toy to tote around, serve tea, or tell their secrets to.
Stefania is mostly self-taught. She has worked with many mediums such as painting, collage, fabric-dyeing, glass blowing, jewelry making, creative writing, photography, and sewing. One of her earliest memories of creating art is spending time with her grandmother, who taught her to use a sewing machine when she was just ten years old. In 2005, Stefania took a course in Fashion Design at the Worcester Art Museum in Worcester, Mass. and she was able to sketch and draft her own clothing, as well as apparel for her dolls. She currently attends college in Virginia.
Books will be on sale and signed copies by the author will be available.

Coffee With the Authors runs from 10 to 11 a.m. Due to limited seating, reservations are required. There is no admission charge. Coffee, tea and breakfast pastries will be served.

For more information about this series, contact the gallery at 910-575-5999 or send an email to The website is